Inspiration from Catwalks

You may have noticed that hosiery was present in all forms on recent catwalks. Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall-Winter 2012/2013 collection was quite stunning, and nearly every look included sheer plain or patterned knee-highs or ankle socks. Now, if you aren’t living in warm Italy, you may find it a bit cold if you go out in just sheer socks in fall or winter, but you can certainly “rock” this look this summer or spring.

We have put together several styles that look very similar to D&G hosiery but will cost you a lot less.

Fiore Jodie patterned knee-highs, $4.50.

Fiore Noella patterned knee-highs, $4.99

On the right – Veneziana Girasole patterned knee-highs, $7.80

On the right – Veneziana Girasole patterned ankle socks, $7.50

For other styles of knee-highs and socks, visit our shop.

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