Black Friday Sale!

Our biggest sale yet is ongoing. Take 20% off on regular-priced items with the code shown below. The code will only apply to items in stock.

Happy Holidays!Back Friday Sale

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New Tights for Men from Lida

We have a couple of new arrivals for our male customers. 100 Denier tights and leggings (or footless tights) that are made with an open fly, which makes them different from Adrian‘s hosiery for men.

Click on links below to see the products in our store.

Lida Man’s World Tights

Lida Dynamic Man Footless Tights


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Adrian Urban Footless Tights

By request of some customers, we have added Adrian Urban pantyhose to our range. They are similar to Adrian Street sheer pantyhose for men, except they are footless.


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New Arrivals – More Hipsters and No Waistband Pantyhose

You can now find two new hosiery styles in our store: Omsa Nudo 20 low-rise pantyhose, and Filodoro Ideale 30 no-waistband pantyhose. Click on images to see them in the store.

Ideale 30 Nudo 20 Vita Bassa


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Father’s Day Special!

Due to the upcoming Father’s Day, we are offering a 15% discount on all men’s tights and pantyhose through June 18. See the discount code below.Father's Day Special

To be the first to learn of our news and specials, you can subscribe to our newsletter right on the website (bottom right).

Enjoy your holidays!



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Front Seam Leggings In A Range of Colors

New in! Front seam leggings with back pockets; they can be easily worn instead of skinny pants as they are made of completely opaque thick cotton blend fabric. These leggings will be great for a casual look with a shirt, blazer and pumps or flats.

Front Seam Leggings classic leggings1

Available colors: bordeaux, mustard, sand, gray, and latte. Limited availability.

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Hosiery at Cannes Film Festival

Have you been following Cannes Film Festival? There was such an abundance of hosiery seen on the red carpet. Not surprising for Europe, though, where bare legs can be considered faux pas, especially at formal events.

We especially liked how Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg’s wife, wore her black polka dot pantyhose with a classic black and white outfit.

Steven+Spielberg+La+Venus+la+Fourrure+Premieres+IPR3vedP6A2x Steven+Spielberg+Venus+la+Fourrure+Premieres+LVVkNUHKGTsl

See our selection of sheer polka dot tights here.

Happy Summer to you and don’t forget to wear your sheers every now and then!

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Zig-zagging Back Seam and Mock Thigh-High Tights

Two new additions from a limited Spring-Summer collection!

These tights will look great both for every day and special occasions. The back seam of this tulle pantyhose ends with a fun zig-zag (or scribble?) and the top has a beautiful bikini brief.

Flores Back-Seam Tulle Pantyhose

If you are into fishnets or lace tights, you will definitely love these. They have a micronet pattern with small holes that create a polka-dot look. In the middle of thighs, the plain micronet pattern transforms into a hexagon pattern that creates that mock thigh-high look. And yes, this look is still very favored by many fashionistas and celebrities. Wear these tights with a knee-length skirt for an everyday, classic look or with a mini for a night out.

Charly Micronet Tights

Don’t forget to check out our hosiery that’s on sale and clearance, with up to 70% off!

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Flirty Over-the-Knee Socks

Today, we bring you some inspiration from Calzedonia, a European brand that produces hosiery and swimwear. While this brand is not available in our store, you can find similar-looking items which we will show you in the coming posts.

Over-the-knee socks have become very popular in the past few years, and for a good reason. They instantly add a flirty and sexy touch to any outfit. Below, you will see some really cute looks from Calzedonia’s previous collections.

Calzedonia over-the-knee socks lace otk lace otk in gray

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Wrapped in Lace

Spring and Summer are the seasons for romantic lacy tights and socks in white and cream/ivory colors. If you are into the vintage trend, you will certainly appreciate the intricate lacy patterns in natural-colored yarns these lacy tights offer. Layer your lace tights over bright-colored tights to create even more fun looks.


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