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Tips and Care Instructions

Hosiery manufacturing technologies are getting fancier every year and brands are competing in creating something new, not only in design, but also providing better durability and comfort.



Deniers: You will notice that nearly every hosiery item in our store has a number of Deniers indicated. Basically, denier is a unit of measure for the yarn weight. The less deniers the more sheer the product is. The more deniers the more opaque the product is. The sheer hosiery will have a range of 8 to 20 Deniers. Starting from 30 Deniers and up, the products will be semi-opaque or opaque.

Elastane (or Lycra): Elastane, sometimes named "Lycra" (a trademark of Du Pont), is a manmade fiber that has a feature of stretching and then completely recovering. Elastane is sometimes covered or "double-covered" for extra durability of a product or additional thickness.

Microfiber: Microfiber is a fiber with less than 1 Denier per filament. The microfiber yarn is produced by using large numbers of filaments. Microfiber gives the finished product exceptional softness.

Polyamide: Polyamide is a mandmade fiber, also called Nylon.


Due to the fragile and delicate nature of hosiery products, they need to be handled very carefully. To make your hosiery last longer, follow these simple tips and care instructions.

Sizing tips

To avoid frustration of not being able to pull your hosiery all the way up or having sagging/striping from uneven stretch, it is always good to stay within the sizing guide. Some hosiery products will not have generous stretch, and some will stretch enough to wear one size smaller. This will also depend on individual body characteristics and you should always consider them when choosing a size. With sheer products, if you fall between two sizes, we recommend getting a larger size. If the stretch is on its very end or close to it, it will cause your hosiery tear sooner. With microfiber hosiery, the stretch is usually more generous. If you aren't sure which size to get, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help.

How to put on your hosiery

Before you open the packet with your hosiery, make sure you don't have any rough spots on your hands, especially fingers and nails. Use a file and hand cream to keep your nails smooth and skin soft. You can also use thin cotton gloves that sometimes are sold in skin care departments. Also make sure your feet are in tip-top shape! There shouldn't be any rough skin on your feet or it will ruin your hosiery.

Some brands provide instructions on the packet on how to put on your hosiery. We found the below images on the Omsa (that we do not carry right now) pantyhose packet. The text was in Italian, so we just wrote our own instructions for your better understanding.

Step 1




Step 1. Sit down, hold your hosiery with your thumbs inside the leg and roll the leg all the way down to the toe.




Step 2




Step 2. Slip in your foot stretching the hosiery evenly and making sure that the toe and heel are positioned correctly.





Step 3



Step 3. Carefully stretch the material and unroll the leg of the hosiery up above your knee.

Repeat all three steps with the second leg. Stand up and keep carefully unrolling to the tops of the legs and then pull up the panty part.




If the pantyhose does not come all the way to the tops of your legs, please do not pull it! Instead, roll it down to the ankles and carefully stretch it up again with your thumbs inside the pantyhose legs.

How to wash and dry your hosiery

  • Wash your hosiery by hand in lukewarm water, using a very mild and gently cleaning liquid detergent.

  • When hand washing, gently squeeze it. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not wring. Do not place the hosiery in a dryer.

  • Hosiery products have a very delicate structure, so don't forget to remove your jewelry when hand-washing them.


If your hosiery gets a "run", use a clear nail polish to stop the run from going further. Lightly dab the brush around the hole or, if it is a longer run, on the spots where it starts and stops. It's a good idea to carry such nail polish in your purse when going out. Some ladies carry an extra stocking or thigh-high in their purse for such "emergencies" like runs.



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