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  • Free shipping on orders of $65 or more for US customers. No code required. Just add products to your cart and get a discount automatically. Please note that in order to get this discount, your order total must be at least $65 after all discounts are applied.


Loyalty (Or Reward) Points

On every item that costs at least $10, $20, $30 etc., you can earn a reward point of $0.30, $0.60, $0.90, respectively. The number of points you can earn from purchasing a certain product is shown on the product page, under the price/color/size block on the right.

How to convert your loyalty points into a voucher (discount code):

Loyalty points can only be applied after your previous orders were shipped. If your order was refunded or canceled, the loyalty points for respective products will be canceled, too.

Log into your account. Click on "My Loyalty Points" on the left (under My Account).

Click on "Convert my points into a voucher". You will see a pop-up window asking "Are you sure you want to convert your points into a voucher?". Click "Yes". Your discount code will then be displayed, and it will start with "FID".



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