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Catwalk Hosiery Trends for FW2016/2017

If you have been following the recent Fall/Winter 2016-2017 fashion week season, you may have noticed the abundance of hosiery on catwalks. While the majority of designers went with the classic black fishnets (and sometimes even in other colors), we saw lots of patterned tights and ankle socks.

Prada diamond tights

Prada presented the collection with thick, knit tights with diamond patterns that paired perfectly with warm jackets and coats.

Giamba, Max Mara, Moschino
Giamba, Max Mara, Moschino

Fishnets, fishnets and more fishnets! These are just a few out of many designers who presented fishnets on their catwalks. Take a note, fashionistas, fishnets are hot!

Roccobarocco, Moschino
Roccobarocco, Moschino

The shiny tights or sheer black pantyhose with a sophisticated sheen or tights with a sparkling pattern will definitely add that festive touch to a party or cocktail outfit. We especially enjoyed the glitzy, glamorous Roccobarocco collection.

Patterned tights
Roland Mouret, Dsquared2, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Marco de Vincenzo

And of course, the patterned tights aren’t going anywhere. We saw patterns ranging from florals to classic herringbone and polka dots.

Olympia Le Tan, Au Jour Le Jour, Vetements, Miu Miu
Olympia Le Tan, Au Jour Le Jour, Vetements, Miu Miu

And last, but not least – socks! And lots of them. We’ll never get tired of over-the-knee socks, but sheer ankle socks also have a place in our wardrobe. They are not only practical, but also can be fun when paired with cropped pants or jeans.

What’s your favorite trend of this season?

Stay foxy!

Stockings and Thigh-Highs for Valentine’s Day

With the Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we are planning on that special romantic evening and it is practical to take advantage of a deal, especially on something that you only plan to wear once or twice a year. We are currently offering a 15% discount on all our thigh-highs and stockings with VALDAY15 code.  The code expires February 12, 2016. valday


Low-Rise Fishnets Now in Stock!

We are thrilled to debut The Stylish Fox private label with one of a kind product that we carefully designed with comfort and beauty in mind – low-rise fishnets with a lace waistband! On many occasions, we have been contacted by dancers and performers asking about low-rise hosiery and fishnets that would not roll over or go all the way to the chest. Many of us have been in a situation when when we wanted to pair shorts with fishnets but the fishnets’ waistband would fail us miserably. Fret no more – The Stylish Fox now offers fishnets with a gorgeous lace waistband that will sit low on your hips. It is so pretty, you may actually want to show it off, but the point here is that you can adjust it to your liking.

See our comparison of fishnets with a regular elastic band and our low-rise fishnets styled with medium-rise shorts and a crop top below.

Retina VB Low Rise Fishnets

Retina Vita Bassa micro fishnets are currently available in three colors: black, nude (beige) and dark brown.

We hope you will love them as much as we do!

New Fall/Winter Fashion Hosiery

We’re excited to greet this Fall with new fashion hosiery from our European brands. The mock/faux thigh-high tights trend continues for obvious reasons – you just can’t beat that look. Plus it is easier to wear such tights rather than over-the-knee socks or actual thigh-highs that may cause bulges on average legs. Although there is an easy to reduce this effect – wear your over-the-knee socks over plain or lacy pantyhose or tights to smooth out some unevenness.

Let’s have a look at new arrivals, shall we?

These mock thigh-highs tights below have pink, blue and gray tops with a fish scale-like pattern. Great way to add a pop of color!

Zazu H17 Mock Thigh-High Tights













Gorgeous floral pattern tights with a low-rise lace waistband. Perhaps, our favorites in the entire collection!















We absolutely love romantic crochet tights, and these are made of ultra-soft cotton blend.















Click on images to see these tights or go to our new arrivals section to see all new tights and socks.

Happy Fall season!

How To Wear Sheer Ankle Socks and Prevent Blisters From Strappy Heels

During summer, our feet take the most abuse from all the strappy sandals and heels worn on bare feet. This results in your feet sweating and rubbing causing painful blisters. This can be easily avoided with the following hosiery while also adding a fun accessory to your outfit:

Shoe liners

(These are cute lacy shoe liners that come in a range of colors.)

Sheer pantyhose

(There are limitless options for your needs – sandal-toe, ultra-sheer, low-rise, non-slip sole, nude, tan or black pantyhose.)

Sheer anklets or ankle socks


(These beautiful anklets with scalloped tops embroidered with silver thread look great paired with silver heels.)

Anklets can be worn in many different ways. Show them off – try cute patterned socks with cropped pants so that they show.  Oxford shoes pair wonderfully with ankle socks. If you have great legs, you can brave wearing anklets with platform sandals, just like those models do on catwalks. Experiment away. Nothing wrong with being unique.

Some fashionistas may even fancy sheer trouser socks or patterned knee-highs, which can look fabulous with heels or platforms and a skirt. Basically, anything that looks good on you with knee-high boots would also look good with knee-high socks. If your feet slip in your shoes, go for non-slip sole hosiery.

What Hosiery To Wear in Summer

As the summer heat hits, you are dealing with the challenge of having to wear pantyhose to work or wearing trousers every day. Skirts and dresses become forgotten because bare leg is not acceptable according to your work dress code. Fret not, there is pantyhose and other hosiery you can wear without heating yourself up. Moreover, there is pantyhose that can actually cool you off. That’s right, the knitting industry has been developing yarns for sports/exercising  that help your body stay cool and wick moisture away, and hosiery manufacturers are now utilizing these yarns in pantyhose. The new Nilit yarn that Cecilia de Rafael use in their ultra-sheer Breeze pantyhose promises to cool your body temperature and provide a cooling sensation. At only 8 Deniers, these silky pantyhose will be a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

Kunert Fresh Up 10 are another great option with their innovative yarns that keep your legs feeling fresh all day. The climate-regulating Fresh-Fiber neutralizes odors  and the barely-there look makes this pair of pantyhose a fantastic addition to summer outfits.

Shop for other summer essentials in our hosiery store by clicking on the image below. Stay cool!



Kunert’s best-selling hosiery is now available in more colors!

Kunert’s best-selling hosiery is now available in more colors! You can buy these glossy, luxurious pantyhose, Satin Look 20, in eight dazzling colors.


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Buy pantyhose in bulk to save 10%,
Buy pantyhose in bulk to save 10%