Remember the days when your mom wouldn’t even vacuum without wearing stockings?

Remember the days when your mom wouldn’t even vacuum the house without wearing a pair of stockings and garter belt? When did the things change? Back in 1980’s, I remember my thrill when my mom got me a pair of pantyhose with polka dots. I grew up in a society where pants, jeans, shorts or any sort of such clothing were forbidden for women. You could wear only dresses and skirts that would at least cover your knees. Of course, you had to have quite a few pairs of hosiery to match your outfits and different seasons. Meanwhile, the USA was undergoing cultural changes and television influences, and hosiery went to the back stage. Jeans and shirts were found more comfortable than skirts and heels, and that pair of stockings was considered an unnecessary hassle. It didn’t even last a couple of wears after all. In 1990’s, the stars of Sex and The City brought a new trend in – bare legs, and everyone happily followed it. Yeah, my legs don’t look perfect and aren’t even tanned… so what? It’s trendy, though!
Sex and The City

How did it happen that men (!) have become a number one consumer of hosiery in the past decade? Maybe men were trying to fill that gap of not seeing women’s legs in pretty stockings. After all, it was one of the most feminine items in a woman’s wardrobe. Admit it, ladies, very few men would disagree that a woman in stockings is unattractive. You may have many flaws but wear a pair of silky stockings or thigh-highs, and you will find that your man is looking at you as if you are a super star from a fashion magazine. He’ll instantly change his attitude!

In the recent years, several fashion houses created collections with an accent on hosiery.

Celebrities started showing up in hosiery of various styles (I won’t overload this blog with photos – there are too many!)

There is no doubt that hosiery is becoming one of the essential parts of a wardrobe. You will find yourself trying to find matching shoes and clothes for that pair of fancy tights in vibrant colors and delightful patterns, instead of just grabbing a pair of those plain old pantyhose that will work okay with your new dress or pumps.
Finally, hosiery has taken the place it deserved.

Treat yourself to some stockings, and stay foxy!

New arrivals overview

We finally got some new hosiery from Fiore!
Although most of the new hosiery was ordered by request of our local customers, we also got some extras. We love the Exclusive Golden Line Collection with 3D patterns. They are incredibly soft and beautiful (Malena, Vivienne, Elsa).
We added some patterned and colored tights and leggings from the Street Collection (Inga patterned tights, Giana patterned tights, Luana stripe-pattern tights, Kaya colored plain tights, Vika leggings).
We also got some of the patterned hosiery from Golden Line (Tiffany thigh-highs, Roselin with pretty floral pattern on the sides, Rica with pretty flower pattern on ankles and thighs, Dezire polka dot pantyhose, Sue with a pattern on the sides), and even got some of Fiore’s shaping tights.
By the way, the shaping tights were reviewed by and got a very good rating (Fit-Control 40, Medica 40).
A separate line should be given to Idalia. compared them to Falke in looks and quality. Quite a steal for under $10!

And finally, a look that you can create with another pair of tights for under $10.

I love Sophie Ellis Bextor’s music. I also love how she dresses. Okay, I may be biased (because she is so gorgeous), but still.
You can easily create a similar look with Kaya tights in yellow and some yellow accessory. That will instantly add a splash of yummy color to your outfit.

Diane Kruger in polka dot pantyhose:

Who doesn’t like polka dots?! They are so cute, you can’t resist. This celebrity look is easy to create with a dress and these polka dot Dezire pantyhose under $10.

As always, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our hosiery.

Stay foxy!

It is taking much longer than we expected but not much longer!

The hosiery will be arriving this Friday. Yay! We apologize for making you wait so long but we hope it was worth it. We have added the new products to the store. They can be viewed at the New Products page .
Feel free to order after Friday (11/19)!

Sneak Peak – Check what will arrive soon!

We are expecting new arrivals from Fiore soon, and I cannot wait to share pictures of the coming tights. So, here is a sneak-peak for you…

These are tights from Fiore’s “Street” Fashion Collection.

Luana Tights

Luana 40 Denier microfiber tights. Aren’t they pretty!  Share with us how you would wear them. With a dress or skirt? With shorts? With boots or pumps?

Giana Tights

Giana tights are more versatile and the subtle pattern will work with most fall/winter outfits. At the same time, they are more exciting than plain colored tights. I believe the 3D refers to the pattern rather than the way these tights are manufactured. Once I get to see them “in person”, I’ll know for sure.

Fiore Inga Tights

I cannot wait to try these glossy tights! I am a huge fan of tights with a knee-high pattern. We will have them in three colors – black, light gray and jeans.

The next tights, thigh-highs and knee-highs are from Fiore’s Golden Line.

Dezire Polka Dot Pantyhose

Cute polka-dot tights! Or pantyhose? It’s always a challenge to figure the right word… Fiore calls them tights, but then they are in Europe, and Americans call this type of hosiery as “pantyhose”. Aside from the technical part, there is no doubt that Dezire is a quite desirable pair to have in your wardrobe!

Elsa Patterned Knee-HighsRisa Patterned Knee-Highs

Knee-highs and socks are a huge hit lately. Seen runway trends? Layer them over plain tights and you’ll sure get noticed.

Tiffany Patterned Thigh-Highs

These very elegant and feminine thigh-highs feature a gorgeous flower pattern on the sides. A nice alternative to plain thigh-highs.

RICA Patterned Tights

You don’t need to make a tattoo on your ankles anymore! Just wear a pair of such pantyhose or tights with a beautiful floral pattern. As a bonus, your legs will also get a nice polished look. 🙂

That’s the sneak-peak! There will be more coming, so check the New Products page at The Stylish Fox website.
And by the way, this is our first blog post! Cannot wait to hear your feedback and suggestions!