Christine 30 Denier Pantyhose by Trasparenze

We are going to introduce a new style pantyhose in our shop this month.

Christine 30 Denier Pantyhose from Trasparenze’s Classic Line:


















These pantyhose seem to have been undeservedly neglected by the leading online hosiery stores – we were able to find only one shop that carries this style. How it caught our attention? Well, it wasn’t us. In fact, it was our dear customer who noticed them on the Trasparenze’s official website. The description that the manufacturer provides is nothing special. It says:

“Double-covered, sheer body, cotton gusset, flat seams, shaped. Reinforced toe. Also available in maxi with rear gusset.”

While they do include all the nice features for daily-wear pantyhose, the feature that caught attention of our customer was the content of Lycra or elasthane. It is 21%. Normally, this high elasthane content means very good durability and sometimes even compression. Not bad for 30 Denier pantyhose.

We decided to get  a test pair to see what Christine looks and feels like in person.

The packet has the same picture as shown above, but it has more description on it than usual with Trasparenze’s hosiery. Another fun fact is that Trasparenze didn’t include this description on their website.  Wonder what it says?

“Graduated compression tights with Lycra against weariness. Soft and strong…”

We believe THIS is why this pantyhose has been neglected – the picture doesn’t show anything exciting and the manufacturer’s description on the website isn’t shining. Our tester was happy to report that these pantyhose are top quality – they have this compression effect to prevent your legs from getting tired during the day (“stress” translated by Italians as “weariness”); they are sheer to waist; they are fully boarded (shaped); they are made from double-covered yarns to make them last longer; and they come in XL size.

Trasparenze offers this pantyhose in 10 colors: Anthracite, Beaver, Black, Chocolate, Clear (Chiaro), Coral, Cosmetic, Mid-Gray, Mud, Sinfonie.

We are sure Christine is going to become another favorite. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christine 30 Denier Pantyhose by Trasparenze”

  1. That’s a nice photo.

    You are smart to tell us about the other features and benefits. I think that you have chosen a good product.

    Will you be telling us about the product tester?

  2. Thank you very much!
    The tester happened to be the customer who found the pantyhose. 🙂 This customer is extremely picky when it concerns hosiery quality, so if they said this pantyhose is good, then it is really good. 🙂

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