New Hosiery Styles for Spring from Marilyn

And they are finally here! Only took a month but it was worth the wait ’cause these two styles are just amazing.

These Rose Lace Stirrup Leggings are very soft and almost seamless (there is one along the waistband, and the seam that connects a cotton gusset to the leggings). The lace is very pretty and is just asking to be worn in Spring when everything is blooming.

Rose Lace Stirrup Leggings from Marilyn

And Flores Polka Dot Pantyhose that I’ve shown earlier. These were a very nice surprise – the finish is like tulle or a very fine mesh. The black color comes with black dots and the gray color came with two options (by mistake we believe) – sizes 2 and 3 are with light gray dots, and size 4 is with black dots. Our e-mail asking for an explanation was left unanswered by the manufacturer, but, hopefully, next time we will be able to get the sizes consistent in the color.

FLORES Polka Dot Pantyhose from Marilyn

We hope you like these two styles and if you do, stock up while quantities last because they are from a limited collection. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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