Winter Guide – How to Keep Legs Warm and Stay Stylish, Part I

It’s snowing…it’s raining….but it doesn’t have to snow or rain on your parade.  Marilyn has solutions to the cold and damp weather of winter.  Over-the-knee socks and sweater leggings to the rescue!

Zazu Angora Blend Knit Over-the-Knee Socks by Marilyn — Oooo…These are Decadent!

Want to feel both pampered and youthfully alluring at the same time?  How do over-the-knee stockings with pom-poms strike you?  To me, they sound like the perfect accessory for my lover to admire as I cross my legs before a roaring fire….or like the perfect remedy to a cold virus when I still want to feel and look sexy….or like part of that youthful spirit hiding inside of me that wants to jump for joy when I catch a snowflake on my tongue.  These comfy, warm stockings will not only attract admiring glances—they will make you feel as though it’s only natural to pamper the little girl inside of you.

Peppy Over-the-Knee Footless Socks by Marilyn — So Versatile!

If you crave to feel the warmth of a pair of luxurious angora/wool blend socks all the way up above your knees and the urge to show off pom-poms and your pretty feet in open-toed shoes during the winter months, these socks will fulfill those wishes.  Why does winter make you feel as though you have to hide your pretty legs in boots?  These flirty socks by Marilyn allow you to stay warm while wearing open-toed shoes…or, alternatively, you can choose to layer them over patterned socks with the shoes or boots of your choice.  Be creative…be warm….and, by all means, be your stylish self!

Norwegian Leggings by Marilyn

I can think of few things as comforting and warm as hot coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, my kitty snuggling up contentedly beside me, or the feel of warm nordic jacquard sweater leggings on my crossed legs—legs that peek out from underneath a fashionable skirt or short, sporty pants—as I read an engaging novel.  These intriguing sweater leggings say a lot about the wearer, but don’t be surprised if perfect strangers inquire about your choice of leggings.  They’ll want to know where you bought them and if they feel as comfy as they look.  Available in both grey and bronze, you’ll want a pair in each color so that you’ll be able to wear them twice as often.  Go ahead—dare to be both comfy and trend-setting!

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