Winter Guide – How to Keep Legs Warm and Stay Stylish, Part II

Polar 800 Fleece Tights by Marilyn

Oh, my!  It’s so cold outside!  What to do?  The 911 response to this predicament is Polar 800 Fleece Tights by Marilyn.  Can you imagine anything warmer or more decadent than fleece-lined tights?  What makes these even more attractive is that they come in size XXL, so there’s no need to worry about the discomfort of too-small, too-tight stockings.  What’s the purpose of wearing warm stockings if they’re too tight and uncomfortable?  These tights are the answer to cold days and evenings when all you crave is comfort and warmth.  Treasure these tights—they won’t let you down.

Gennifer Merino Wool Tights by Trasparenze

Have you noticed that it’s a bit nippy outside?  Brrrr….makes me consider what I might wear to put an end to this damp chill nipping at my heels.  The answer to the brisk breeze blowing up my skirt might be Gennifer Merino Wool Tights by Trasparenze.  Not only are they made of quality merino wool, they come in a range of attractive colors to match your most fetching winter couture.  Not too flashy… not too demure… Trasparenze has created a warm, enticing line of merino wool tights that will make you feel comfy and cherished in the warmth of your own confidence.  Now, go ask for that raise!

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