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Valentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day is around the corner…and wouldn’t you like to walk around ANY corner with legs that say, “Wanna be my Valentine?”  Watch the heads turn as you show your impeccable taste in hosiery.  Trasparenze has some luscious, sexy offerings for the season, and they’re bound to make both you AND your significant other feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day in style.

Anthea Stockings by Trasparenze

You can strut your stuff with confidence in these very sophisticated stockings by Trasparenze.  Notice that the seam down the back is offered in either black or red and that the embroidery is located in a place where only your most intimate friends will notice.  Perhaps your lover will buy you both colors?  Or perhaps you’ll feel tempted to purchase one of each as provocative gifts to your lover?  Anthea Stockings are truly a gift for everyone!

Strip Panty Garter Belt Pantyhose by Trasparenze

Trasparenze never fails to amaze me with its avant garde approach to hosiery.  Here is an excellent example of combining comfortable, functional form with a passion-inspiring design.  Watch your lover’s expression when he comes face to face with this ravishingly tantalizing pantyhose offered by Trasparenze.  Its appeal is obvious, if not transparent, and I can’t think of anything more your lover could wish to receive on Valentine’s Day (or night!).

Rosy Red and Black Thigh-Highs by Trasparenze

Well, hubba-hubba!  Can anyone find fault with these luscious thigh-highs?  They literally announce the approach of Valentine’s Day with their bold color contrasts.  Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” like legs fashionably swathed in black and red.  Your lover will be delightfully surprised when he runs his fingers up your thigh to discover the rosy-red lace at the top of your Trasparenze hosiery.  Valentine’s Day is all about surprises…and rosy-red ones are the best!

Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, and this is your chance to stand out from the crowd.  Whether you’re looking to bewitch the lover who has shared your pillow for most of your lifetime or wish to entice that elusive Mr. Right, we have some helpful suggestions for making this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.  Beautiful legs can be the key to a man’s heart.  Any man who says, “I’m not a leg man,” is either lying or has never seen these alluring hosiery fashions.  Go ahead—make him a liar!

Tiffany Patterned Thigh Highs by Fiore

Has your lover made reservations at that high-end restaurant you’ve been dying to try?  Grab that little black number out of the back of your closet—you know the one!—and delicately savor the feel of Tiffany Patterned Thigh-Highs by Fiore as you draw them all the way up your shapely legs.  Now, imagine meeting your lover’s eyes as he spots you from across the lobby…sitting at a reserved table holding a single rose.  You can see he notices the flower motif tastefully placed just above each ankle, and his eyes widen as you saunter across the room towards him.  The evening is perfect.  Happy Valentine’s Day from Fiore!