Inspiration from Catwalks

You may have noticed that hosiery was present in all forms on recent catwalks. Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall-Winter 2012/2013 collection was quite stunning, and nearly every look included sheer plain or patterned knee-highs or ankle socks. Now, if you aren’t living in warm Italy, you may find it a bit cold if you go out in just sheer socks in fall or winter, but you can certainly “rock” this look this summer or spring.

We have put together several styles that look very similar to D&G hosiery but will cost you a lot less.

Fiore Jodie patterned knee-highs, $4.50.

Fiore Noella patterned knee-highs, $4.99

On the right – Veneziana Girasole patterned knee-highs, $7.80

On the right – Veneziana Girasole patterned ankle socks, $7.50

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Fashion Trend – Ankle Socks and Knee-Highs

If you’d been peeking at me as I peeked at the latest knee-high and ankle-high vintage hosiery fashions, you would have seen my face light up!  These fashions are like combining the knee-high socks of yesteryear with the current designer looks of Europe.

It’s incredibly exciting to see fashions like these finally arriving in the United States.  As I’m writing this, I’m picturing all the fashionable outfits in my closet that would look just perfect with either the sheer, patterned ankle socks or knee-highs.  Have you seen them?  They’re the new must-have accessories in anyone’s wardrobe!

Now that winter is winding down, I’ll bet you’re just dying to pull on some sheer, tastefully designed hosiery that says, “Hey, it’s finally spring…and the sunshine wants me to dance!”  Quite frankly, I believe that this new, appealing look that emphasizes femininity with every step is going to change the way women dress.  Ankle socks are perfect for wearing with just about anything that falls above the ankle, but I see them as particularly alluring with short skirts, dressy shorts, and capris.  Just remember the high heels—they really accentuate that boardwalk look.

The knee-high look is great fun, too!  It’s extremely versatile and allows for individual tastes.  The many sheer, patterned designs that feature shapely calves lend themselves to many different fashion genres.  They can help you create a look that is both vintage and trendy.  Pair them with pretty floral dresses and short, flared skirts that hit at or above the knee.  This is how they used to be worn in “the good old days,” but you can also create a new look—it’s worth experimenting with these latest ankle-high and knee-high offerings.  I’ve been waiting a long time for these particular fashions to return, and I anticipate that they will become very popular in short order.

Of course, fashion comes with a price.  But I’ve noticed that the prices are extremely reasonable for these particular fashions.  Yes, that’s right—we can all afford trendy, upscale hosiery that sets us apart from the pantyhose crowd for a mere pittance.  And, remember, vintage is “in,” and these new fashions in hosiery are leading the trend.  If you have vintage leanings…or just wish to project stylish femininity, these fashions are definitely worth exploring.

Spring is here…and that means out with the old, and in with the new!