Hosiery with Open Toes

Have you been in a situation when you had to attend a formal event and wear stockings, and the only pair of shoes you could wear were peep-toe shoes? Well, it did happen to me years ago, and I wish I had these open-toe stockings to wear with my pumps. I have heard women say that your leg skin wouldn’t match your toes then but that’s a bit silly statement. We wear lots of things that don’t match our skin color, including makeup. When you wear black pantyhose or thigh-thighs, you are not expecting them to match the rest of your skin, right? So what’s wrong with open-toe hosiery? Nothing really. In fact, I wish it came in other colors, apart from the basic black and nude, and also in different thicknesses, ’cause I really love my peep-toe shoes!

More and more hosiery manufacturers are adding open-toe pantyhose to their range. Marilyn, actually made open-toe thigh-highs this year. Some women may find this style even more convenient for summer than open-toe pantyhose.

So far, I have seen two types of open-toe construction – one has a loop that goes around your big toe, which also can be called a toe “thong”, and the other construction is a lot simpler – there is a little seam that separates the big toe from the rest of the toes.

Pictures are better than words, so here you go…

Tropea open-toe pantyhose by Trasparenze (with the loop)

This pantyhose is the sheerest we’ve seen, 8 Deniers. It’s the perfect ultra-sheer fabric for a hot weather.

Eveline open-toe pantyhose by Fiore is a little thicker, 15 Deniers, but still pretty sheer. 15 Denier thickness is considered the “ideal” one for those who appreciate very sheer look but still would like better durability.

No loops here; just a little seam separating the big toe from the rest of the toes.

And finally, Marilyn’s Nudo NF open-toe thigh-highs in 15 Denier thickness. These have the same toe construction as Eveline pantyhose, except the toe area is narrower.



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