Cecilia de Rafael available at The Stylish Fox

We are happy to announce that The Stylish Fox now stocks Cecilia de Rafael hosiery, the brand from Spain that has been gaining a huge popularity in the US. And no wonder – the quality and look of the hosiery offered by CDR are superb, and all at reasonable prices. Cecilia de Rafael is especially well-known for their glossy pantyhose and tights the appearance of which ranges from glass-like finish (Agata) to holographic shimmer (Sevilla).

The other popular hosiery styles from Cecilia de Rafael are their sheer seamless pantyhose (Miss 320) and completely opaque shiny tights Uppsala.

(See descriptions of these styles on our website)

We recently added two new styles: Coral 424 – absolutely amazing 60 Denier tights with a slight sheen and a silky feel (quite unusual for opaque tights that are always made from microfiber that won’t provide any glide), and Yupi – unisex knee-highs with graduated compression (these compression socks will be very useful if you spend a lot of time standing or sitting). The knee-highs are built anatomically so that there is no pinching in the toe, or rolling or squeezing in the top band.

No matter what style you choose from Cecilia de Rafael hosiery, you will enjoy all-day comfort and a superb look that will instantly boost your confidence.

Stay foxy!