Winter’s Coming – Time for Nordic Prints!

Back in 2010, Dolce & Gabbana launched their apres-ski style collection and brought back Nordic print to its full glory. The collection featured cosy knitwear with snowflakes and deers, cables and furry boots.

Hosiery companies started catching up and included 1-2 styles with Nordic prints in their fall/winter collections since then – some making microfiber tights in lighter weights, and others using warmer and heavier yarns such as wool and cotton.

(Trasparenze Azerbaijan Tights, retailing at Eur 23.25)

Our favorite style features Nordic print that stops at mid-thigh, creating a mock-over-the-knee look.

Marilyn Nordic Print Cotton Tights

These cotton tights will keep you warm as you cuddle up by the fireplace and bring the festive spirit this holiday season.

How about some cute over-the-knee socks with snowflakes and hearts? These are a treat!

Nordic Print Knit Over-The-Knee Socks

We love Marilyn hosiery and the designs they create every year. We could not resist getting more Nordic print hosiery from them.

Zazu Nordic Print Over-the-Knee Socks by Marilyn

Stay tuned for more winter hosiery guides!

Hipster (Low-Rise) Pantyhose and Tights

Hello, dear readers! It has been a while since we posted here but there was a reason for that. We have been busy searching for new styles that will satisfy your needs and, apparently, we have been doing good since our hipster/low-rise hosiery has been growing more and more popular. We have been getting very happy comments and e-mails regarding them (head over to our Facebook page if you don’t believe!).

Click on the images to open links to these products.

Sheer 20 Denier low-rise pantyhose – classic everyday style for office or any other occasion.

Some call such top “french-cut” and others call it “bikini” – no matter what you choose to call it, it’s pretty and feminine and there is a low-rise waistband – perfect all around!

These low-rise tights are an absolute delight and current favorite among our female customers. They are made of ultra-soft 3D microfiber and have a beautiful lace-waistband that sits low on the hips.

There are more low-rise/hipster tights and pantyhose available in different thicknesses and colors in our shop, including seamless pantyhose, thong-effect pantyhose and lace-waistband pantyhose.