Reports of the Demise of Pantyhose have been Greatly Exaggerated

Nowadays it is fashionable to bash pantyhose. All over the blog/articles sections of various portals like Huffington Post and Chicago Tribune, one will find scores of posts proclaiming that pantyhose are so yesterday, that hosiery is dead and that everything which has anything to do with hosiery is a fashion faux pas. The authors of these articles are fashion bloggers and fashionistas who for some reason have long ago jumped hook line and sinker onto the bare leg bandwagon.

In their zeal to prove their point (by usually just piling on their own personal opinion-bits as arguments against hose), they overlook the fact that fashion is more dynamic these days than ever and that while they’re busy heralding the demise of nylons, the bare-legged look has become yesteryear and hosiery seems to be back with a vengeance.

Daphne Lucido Glossy Pantyhose

Some of the above said fashion bloggers have in fact recognized the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has had a major impact in resurrecting hosiery, but they apparently give her much more credit than due while forgetting to check somewhere much closer to home base. Yes, sure: Catherine is a definite fashion icon in Britain and she may have some influence in this respect elsewhere too, more precisely on this side of the pond, but her traction with the US youth in the ways of shiny tan pantyhose has probably been grossly overestimated. There’s no nice way to put this: the YouTube generation couldn’t care less what the Duchess of Cambridge wears…it’s that simple.

What they do care about though is what Lady Gaga wears, what Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are spotted sporting, what Nicky Minaj and Katy Perry rock…not to mention what Miley Cyrus is twerking in. What do all these ladies (I have to admit, the term is used quite loosely on some of the above said celebrities) have in common besides being able to capture the ever-decreasing attention span of youngsters in ever more shocking, often disgusting but always efficient ways? They’re all pantyhose die-hards apparently. Each and every one of the above said stars (term yet again too loosely used -in some cases) have been spotted in tights (and sometimes in little else), and they all seem to make a point of never being seen or photographed without the appealing sheen of nylon on their thighs and sometimes nether regions.

If one were to judge the popularity of sheer hosiery based solely on these idols of the YouTube generation, the conclusion would obviously be that pantyhose have never been this popular.


Certainly, with the younger crowd, selling quality hosiery is much easier. One does not have to demolish the image of the egg-crate colored, too thick and way too cumbersome monstrosities many of the now older generation have forever seared in their memory. These kids never had to deal with such tights, or at least they have always been aware that low-quality hosiery is but one of a plethora of available options.

One doesn’t have to purchase ridiculously-priced hosiery – like some of the above mentioned stars – to purchase quality. These days – as I myself have found through the reviews I’ve done for my www.pantyhose-pantyhose.comquality is the new norm. That, coupled with proper hosiery sizing is what makes all the difference in the world, and that difference is what’s powering the resurrection of pantyhose these days.

These are not your grandmother’s tights indeed, and with the cooler days of fall upon us, you too may want to think about dipping a toe in one of these pantyhose 2.0.