New Fall/Winter Fashion Hosiery

We’re excited to greet this Fall with new fashion hosiery from our European brands. The mock/faux thigh-high tights trend continues for obvious reasons – you just can’t beat that look. Plus it is easier to wear such tights rather than over-the-knee socks or actual thigh-highs that may cause bulges on average legs. Although there is an easy to reduce this effect – wear your over-the-knee socks over plain or lacy pantyhose or tights to smooth out some unevenness.

Let’s have a look at new arrivals, shall we?

These mock thigh-highs tights below have pink, blue and gray tops with a fish scale-like pattern. Great way to add a pop of color!

Zazu H17 Mock Thigh-High Tights













Gorgeous floral pattern tights with a low-rise lace waistband. Perhaps, our favorites in the entire collection!















We absolutely love romantic crochet tights, and these are made of ultra-soft cotton blend.















Click on images to see these tights or go to our new arrivals section to see all new tights and socks.

Happy Fall season!