Low-Rise Fishnets Now in Stock!

We are thrilled to debut The Stylish Fox private label with one of a kind product that we carefully designed with comfort and beauty in mind – low-rise fishnets with a lace waistband! On many occasions, we have been contacted by dancers and performers asking about low-rise hosiery and fishnets that would not roll over or go all the way to the chest. Many of us have been in a situation when when we wanted to pair shorts with fishnets but the fishnets’ waistband would fail us miserably. Fret no more – The Stylish Fox now offers fishnets with a gorgeous lace waistband that will sit low on your hips. It is so pretty, you may actually want to show it off, but the point here is that you can adjust it to your liking.

See our comparison of fishnets with a regular elastic band and our low-rise fishnets styled with medium-rise shorts and a crop top below.

Retina VB Low Rise Fishnets

Retina Vita Bassa micro fishnets are currently available in three colors: black, nude (beige) and dark brown.

We hope you will love them as much as we do!