Hosiery with Open Toes

Have you been in a situation when you had to attend a formal event and wear stockings, and the only pair of shoes you could wear were peep-toe shoes? Well, it did happen to me years ago, and I wish I had these open-toe stockings to wear with my pumps. I have heard women say that your leg skin wouldn’t match your toes then but that’s a bit silly statement. We wear lots of things that don’t match our skin color, including makeup. When you wear black pantyhose or thigh-thighs, you are not expecting them to match the rest of your skin, right? So what’s wrong with open-toe hosiery? Nothing really. In fact, I wish it came in other colors, apart from the basic black and nude, and also in different thicknesses, ’cause I really love my peep-toe shoes!

More and more hosiery manufacturers are adding open-toe pantyhose to their range. Marilyn, actually made open-toe thigh-highs this year. Some women may find this style even more convenient for summer than open-toe pantyhose.

So far, I have seen two types of open-toe construction – one has a loop that goes around your big toe, which also can be called a toe “thong”, and the other construction is a lot simpler – there is a little seam that separates the big toe from the rest of the toes.

Pictures are better than words, so here you go…

Tropea open-toe pantyhose by Trasparenze (with the loop)

This pantyhose is the sheerest we’ve seen, 8 Deniers. It’s the perfect ultra-sheer fabric for a hot weather.

Eveline open-toe pantyhose by Fiore is a little thicker, 15 Deniers, but still pretty sheer. 15 Denier thickness is considered the “ideal” one for those who appreciate very sheer look but still would like better durability.

No loops here; just a little seam separating the big toe from the rest of the toes.

And finally, Marilyn’s Nudo NF open-toe thigh-highs in 15 Denier thickness. These have the same toe construction as Eveline pantyhose, except the toe area is narrower.



Glossy Pantyhose Video by BestPantyhoseReview.com

For all of you glossy hosiery fans, check out the blog and video made by BestPantyhoseReview.com. You can also find a discount code offered by The Stylish Fox for blog readers.

Introducing a New Brand, Veneziana

We are very excited to have a new brand in our store. Veneziana is based in Poland but their hosiery is produced in Italy. That should tell you that the products are manufactured according to high quality standards.

Veneziana’s range is so huge, it was tough to choose styles. We started with 13 new exquisite products and will be adding more in the future. The styles that caught our attention were tweed-textured tights. They look amazing! The new AW2011/2012 collection includes tights with knee-high effect – the top is sheer and the bottom is opaque looks like knee-high socks and even has stripes on the sides and tweed pattern. We plan to add them to our range in the near future. Well, pictures are better than words. Enjoy!

Ramage Tweed Pattern Tights by Veneziana

Tweed Botonatto Tights by Veneziana
Kira Tartan Tights by Veneziana
Sweden Tartan Thigh-Highs by Veneziana

Pizzo Sissi Openwork Lace Thigh-Highs by Veneziana

Marisa Lace Over-The-Knee Socks by Veneziana


We welcome you to check the entire range and for coming new styles in the Veneziana section.

Hipster or Low-Rise Pantyhose

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I had a lady contact me today asking for details on the hipster pantyhose we have.  In particular, she was interested in how low the waistband goes so that she could wear it with her skirt without the pantyhose showing above the skirt waistband. I took pictures of three low-rise styles we have for her: Clara, Yuppie, and Argento. I figured some of the readers may find this information useful and decided to post the pictures and measurements here. The color of all three styles shown on the pictures is Playa. So, if you are on the fence about how “nude” this color is, you may find these pictures useful as well.

Let’s start with the beautiful Argento. This is the only one of the three styles that has a different back and front. Also, this is the only style with a measurement of a little over 8 inches from the waistband to the middle of the gusset. I also noticed the Trasparenze logo on one side – a very nice touch.

And here is the back of the panty (kind of a thong, with less pattern and more sheerness):

The scalloped edging and the floral pattern will add a luxury feel – a very nice change from a plain sheer pantyhose. This style, however, will provide the least low rise on the hips.

The next is Yuppie – the pantyhose that is purposefully made to be worn on the hips. The waistband in this style is really wide to keep the pantyhose on hips without sliding down – 3.5 inches. There is a very little distance between the waistband and the gusset. Have a look:

There is no lace or anything like that, just a very serious waistband. You could effortlessly pair Yuppie with low-rise jeans and skirts. The distance between the top of the waistband and the middle of the gusset is 7 inches.

And the last low-rise or hipster style pantyhose is Clara. Clara has the same distance as Yuppie between the top of the waistband and the gusset but they can be worn either on the waist or on the hips. Definitely a plus.

This style is also made to be least visible under clothes as you can see from the smooth appearance of the waistband and a barely visible reinforcement along the seam.

We hope this information will help you choose the hipster style that best suits your needs.

UPDATE (11/2012): We have extended our range of hipster/low-rise pantyhose and tights and created a separate category for easier browsing. Yuppie and Argento have been discontinued by Trasparenze but there are other similar items to choose from.

Christine 30 Denier Pantyhose by Trasparenze

We are going to introduce a new style pantyhose in our shop this month.

Christine 30 Denier Pantyhose from Trasparenze’s Classic Line:


















These pantyhose seem to have been undeservedly neglected by the leading online hosiery stores – we were able to find only one shop that carries this style. How it caught our attention? Well, it wasn’t us. In fact, it was our dear customer who noticed them on the Trasparenze’s official website. The description that the manufacturer provides is nothing special. It says:

“Double-covered, sheer body, cotton gusset, flat seams, shaped. Reinforced toe. Also available in maxi with rear gusset.”

While they do include all the nice features for daily-wear pantyhose, the feature that caught attention of our customer was the content of Lycra or elasthane. It is 21%. Normally, this high elasthane content means very good durability and sometimes even compression. Not bad for 30 Denier pantyhose.

We decided to get  a test pair to see what Christine looks and feels like in person.

The packet has the same picture as shown above, but it has more description on it than usual with Trasparenze’s hosiery. Another fun fact is that Trasparenze didn’t include this description on their website.  Wonder what it says?

“Graduated compression tights with Lycra against weariness. Soft and strong…”

We believe THIS is why this pantyhose has been neglected – the picture doesn’t show anything exciting and the manufacturer’s description on the website isn’t shining. Our tester was happy to report that these pantyhose are top quality – they have this compression effect to prevent your legs from getting tired during the day (“stress” translated by Italians as “weariness”); they are sheer to waist; they are fully boarded (shaped); they are made from double-covered yarns to make them last longer; and they come in XL size.

Trasparenze offers this pantyhose in 10 colors: Anthracite, Beaver, Black, Chocolate, Clear (Chiaro), Coral, Cosmetic, Mid-Gray, Mud, Sinfonie.

We are sure Christine is going to become another favorite. 🙂

Fiore Inga Tights Video Review by Best Pantyhose Review Blog

The Best Pantyhose Review blogger made a video review for Fiore Inga tights (for which we would like to thank them!).
Hope you find it helpful!

Watch live video from Best Pantyhose Review on Justin.tv

Like the reviewer mentioned, the gloss can’t be seen in the video, but these tights have a pretty satin gloss, and you could totally rock in them at a party! The pattern is unusual and will draw attention, and can accentuate shoes.

Fiore Inga tights can be purchased here.

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