Adrian Tights For Men in the USA

We are excited to announce that The Stylish Fox is about to start cooperation with Adrian, the hosiery manufacturer from Poland that recently launched a collection of tights for men. Whether you are into outdoors sports or fashion-forward or just need some extra warmth, Adrian’s men collection will provide tights for any of these occasions.This is a big step forward on the Polish market, and Adrian smartly recognized and supported this fashion trend where more and more men are wearing tights as part of their daily outfits.

The Stylish Fox is here to help men with edgy style and those who are staying up-to-date with newest European fashion trends. Here is a sneak-peak of some of the tights we plan to stock.

Argyle pattern tights for men
Men’s leggings
100 Denier tights for men

Stay tuned for updates. We will announce arrival of these tights in our newsletter, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Sneak Peak for Another Polka Dot Pantyhose

It takes a while to receive orders from Poland, but we couldn’t wait to share what styles we are expecting in a couple of weeks (probably 3 weeks).

Dezire polka dot pantyhose from Fiore has become popular for its subtle pattern, and we couldn’t resist bringing another polka dot style from Marilyn’s limited Spring/Summer collection.

This style comes in black and pearl colors. We don’t know if the pearl color has black dots yet but can’t wait to find out.

Flores from Marilyn

Darla Lacy Tights from Trasparenze


Nothing screams “Spring” more than these lacy Darla tights from Trasparenze’s new Spring/Summer Collection. They are gorgeous and so romantic!

They will be available in our shop next week. 🙂

(Click on the picture to see all the beautiful details)

It is taking much longer than we expected but not much longer!

The hosiery will be arriving this Friday. Yay! We apologize for making you wait so long but we hope it was worth it. We have added the new products to the store. They can be viewed at the New Products page .
Feel free to order after Friday (11/19)!

Sneak Peak – Check what will arrive soon!

We are expecting new arrivals from Fiore soon, and I cannot wait to share pictures of the coming tights. So, here is a sneak-peak for you…

These are tights from Fiore’s “Street” Fashion Collection.

Luana Tights

Luana 40 Denier microfiber tights. Aren’t they pretty!  Share with us how you would wear them. With a dress or skirt? With shorts? With boots or pumps?

Giana Tights

Giana tights are more versatile and the subtle pattern will work with most fall/winter outfits. At the same time, they are more exciting than plain colored tights. I believe the 3D refers to the pattern rather than the way these tights are manufactured. Once I get to see them “in person”, I’ll know for sure.

Fiore Inga Tights

I cannot wait to try these glossy tights! I am a huge fan of tights with a knee-high pattern. We will have them in three colors – black, light gray and jeans.

The next tights, thigh-highs and knee-highs are from Fiore’s Golden Line.

Dezire Polka Dot Pantyhose

Cute polka-dot tights! Or pantyhose? It’s always a challenge to figure the right word… Fiore calls them tights, but then they are in Europe, and Americans call this type of hosiery as “pantyhose”. Aside from the technical part, there is no doubt that Dezire is a quite desirable pair to have in your wardrobe!

Elsa Patterned Knee-HighsRisa Patterned Knee-Highs

Knee-highs and socks are a huge hit lately. Seen runway trends? Layer them over plain tights and you’ll sure get noticed.

Tiffany Patterned Thigh-Highs

These very elegant and feminine thigh-highs feature a gorgeous flower pattern on the sides. A nice alternative to plain thigh-highs.

RICA Patterned Tights

You don’t need to make a tattoo on your ankles anymore! Just wear a pair of such pantyhose or tights with a beautiful floral pattern. As a bonus, your legs will also get a nice polished look. 🙂

That’s the sneak-peak! There will be more coming, so check the New Products page at The Stylish Fox website.
And by the way, this is our first blog post! Cannot wait to hear your feedback and suggestions!