Catwalk Hosiery Trends for FW2016/2017

If you have been following the recent Fall/Winter 2016-2017 fashion week season, you may have noticed the abundance of hosiery on catwalks. While the majority of designers went with the classic black fishnets (and sometimes even in other colors), we saw lots of patterned tights and ankle socks.

Prada diamond tights

Prada presented the collection with thick, knit tights with diamond patterns that paired perfectly with warm jackets and coats.

Giamba, Max Mara, Moschino
Giamba, Max Mara, Moschino

Fishnets, fishnets and more fishnets! These are just a few out of many designers who presented fishnets on their catwalks. Take a note, fashionistas, fishnets are hot!

Roccobarocco, Moschino
Roccobarocco, Moschino

The shiny tights or sheer black pantyhose with a sophisticated sheen or tights with a sparkling pattern will definitely add that festive touch to a party or cocktail outfit. We especially enjoyed the glitzy, glamorous Roccobarocco collection.

Patterned tights
Roland Mouret, Dsquared2, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Marco de Vincenzo

And of course, the patterned tights aren’t going anywhere. We saw patterns ranging from florals to classic herringbone and polka dots.

Olympia Le Tan, Au Jour Le Jour, Vetements, Miu Miu
Olympia Le Tan, Au Jour Le Jour, Vetements, Miu Miu

And last, but not least – socks! And lots of them. We’ll never get tired of over-the-knee socks, but sheer ankle socks also have a place in our wardrobe. They are not only practical, but also can be fun when paired with cropped pants or jeans.

What’s your favorite trend of this season?

Stay foxy!

How To Wear Sheer Ankle Socks and Prevent Blisters From Strappy Heels

During summer, our feet take the most abuse from all the strappy sandals and heels worn on bare feet. This results in your feet sweating and rubbing causing painful blisters. This can be easily avoided with the following hosiery while also adding a fun accessory to your outfit:

Shoe liners

(These are cute lacy shoe liners that come in a range of colors.)

Sheer pantyhose

(There are limitless options for your needs – sandal-toe, ultra-sheer, low-rise, non-slip sole, nude, tan or black pantyhose.)

Sheer anklets or ankle socks


(These beautiful anklets with scalloped tops embroidered with silver thread look great paired with silver heels.)

Anklets can be worn in many different ways. Show them off – try cute patterned socks with cropped pants so that they show.  Oxford shoes pair wonderfully with ankle socks. If you have great legs, you can brave wearing anklets with platform sandals, just like those models do on catwalks. Experiment away. Nothing wrong with being unique.

Some fashionistas may even fancy sheer trouser socks or patterned knee-highs, which can look fabulous with heels or platforms and a skirt. Basically, anything that looks good on you with knee-high boots would also look good with knee-high socks. If your feet slip in your shoes, go for non-slip sole hosiery.

Spring: Time for Lacy Tights and Fishnets

It’s getting warm but not warm enough for bare legs (unless you live in the warmer climate). So, lacy tights and fishnets are the perfect accessory for this transitional season. They can look elegant, sophisticated, romantic or flirty depending on the color and pattern and the rest of your outfit. Your choice.

Plain nude fishnets with small eyelets or microfishnets scream sophistication and will work both for work and play.

Choose crocheted patterns when you want to stand out or going to a romantic date.

Night out or a special occasion? Back-seam fishnets can complete an outfit consisting of a little black dress and pumps.

Do you love bright colors? Try layering your fishnets or lacy tights over colored tights.

For more ideas and choices, please visit our store section dedicated to fishnets and lacy tights.

Flirty Over-the-Knee Socks

Today, we bring you some inspiration from Calzedonia, a European brand that produces hosiery and swimwear. While this brand is not available in our store, you can find similar-looking items which we will show you in the coming posts.

Over-the-knee socks have become very popular in the past few years, and for a good reason. They instantly add a flirty and sexy touch to any outfit. Below, you will see some really cute looks from Calzedonia’s previous collections.

Calzedonia over-the-knee socks lace otk lace otk in gray

Winter’s Coming – Time for Nordic Prints!

Back in 2010, Dolce & Gabbana launched their apres-ski style collection and brought back Nordic print to its full glory. The collection featured cosy knitwear with snowflakes and deers, cables and furry boots.

Hosiery companies started catching up and included 1-2 styles with Nordic prints in their fall/winter collections since then – some making microfiber tights in lighter weights, and others using warmer and heavier yarns such as wool and cotton.

(Trasparenze Azerbaijan Tights, retailing at Eur 23.25)

Our favorite style features Nordic print that stops at mid-thigh, creating a mock-over-the-knee look.

Marilyn Nordic Print Cotton Tights

These cotton tights will keep you warm as you cuddle up by the fireplace and bring the festive spirit this holiday season.

How about some cute over-the-knee socks with snowflakes and hearts? These are a treat!

Nordic Print Knit Over-The-Knee Socks

We love Marilyn hosiery and the designs they create every year. We could not resist getting more Nordic print hosiery from them.

Zazu Nordic Print Over-the-Knee Socks by Marilyn

Stay tuned for more winter hosiery guides!