What Hosiery To Wear in Summer

As the summer heat hits, you are dealing with the challenge of having to wear pantyhose to work or wearing trousers every day. Skirts and dresses become forgotten because bare leg is not acceptable according to your work dress code. Fret not, there is pantyhose and other hosiery you can wear without heating yourself up. Moreover, there is pantyhose that can actually cool you off. That’s right, the knitting industry has been developing yarns for sports/exercising  that help your body stay cool and wick moisture away, and hosiery manufacturers are now utilizing these yarns in pantyhose. The new Nilit yarn that Cecilia de Rafael use in their ultra-sheer Breeze pantyhose promises to cool your body temperature and provide a cooling sensation. At only 8 Deniers, these silky pantyhose will be a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

Kunert Fresh Up 10 are another great option with their innovative yarns that keep your legs feeling fresh all day. The climate-regulating Fresh-Fiber neutralizes odors  and the barely-there look makes this pair of pantyhose a fantastic addition to summer outfits.

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Hosiery at Cannes Film Festival

Have you been following Cannes Film Festival? There was such an abundance of hosiery seen on the red carpet. Not surprising for Europe, though, where bare legs can be considered faux pas, especially at formal events.

We especially liked how Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg’s wife, wore her black polka dot pantyhose with a classic black and white outfit.

Steven+Spielberg+La+Venus+la+Fourrure+Premieres+IPR3vedP6A2x Steven+Spielberg+Venus+la+Fourrure+Premieres+LVVkNUHKGTsl

See our selection of sheer polka dot tights here.

Happy Summer to you and don’t forget to wear your sheers every now and then!

Wrapped in Lace

Spring and Summer are the seasons for romantic lacy tights and socks in white and cream/ivory colors. If you are into the vintage trend, you will certainly appreciate the intricate lacy patterns in natural-colored yarns these lacy tights offer. Layer your lace tights over bright-colored tights to create even more fun looks.


Inspiration from Catwalks

You may have noticed that hosiery was present in all forms on recent catwalks. Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall-Winter 2012/2013 collection was quite stunning, and nearly every look included sheer plain or patterned knee-highs or ankle socks. Now, if you aren’t living in warm Italy, you may find it a bit cold if you go out in just sheer socks in fall or winter, but you can certainly “rock” this look this summer or spring.

We have put together several styles that look very similar to D&G hosiery but will cost you a lot less.

Fiore Jodie patterned knee-highs, $4.50.

Fiore Noella patterned knee-highs, $4.99

On the right – Veneziana Girasole patterned knee-highs, $7.80

On the right – Veneziana Girasole patterned ankle socks, $7.50

For other styles of knee-highs and socks, visit our shop.

(images via vogue.it)

Fashion Trend – Ankle Socks and Knee-Highs

If you’d been peeking at me as I peeked at the latest knee-high and ankle-high vintage hosiery fashions, you would have seen my face light up!  These fashions are like combining the knee-high socks of yesteryear with the current designer looks of Europe.

It’s incredibly exciting to see fashions like these finally arriving in the United States.  As I’m writing this, I’m picturing all the fashionable outfits in my closet that would look just perfect with either the sheer, patterned ankle socks or knee-highs.  Have you seen them?  They’re the new must-have accessories in anyone’s wardrobe!

Now that winter is winding down, I’ll bet you’re just dying to pull on some sheer, tastefully designed hosiery that says, “Hey, it’s finally spring…and the sunshine wants me to dance!”  Quite frankly, I believe that this new, appealing look that emphasizes femininity with every step is going to change the way women dress.  Ankle socks are perfect for wearing with just about anything that falls above the ankle, but I see them as particularly alluring with short skirts, dressy shorts, and capris.  Just remember the high heels—they really accentuate that boardwalk look.

The knee-high look is great fun, too!  It’s extremely versatile and allows for individual tastes.  The many sheer, patterned designs that feature shapely calves lend themselves to many different fashion genres.  They can help you create a look that is both vintage and trendy.  Pair them with pretty floral dresses and short, flared skirts that hit at or above the knee.  This is how they used to be worn in “the good old days,” but you can also create a new look—it’s worth experimenting with these latest ankle-high and knee-high offerings.  I’ve been waiting a long time for these particular fashions to return, and I anticipate that they will become very popular in short order.

Of course, fashion comes with a price.  But I’ve noticed that the prices are extremely reasonable for these particular fashions.  Yes, that’s right—we can all afford trendy, upscale hosiery that sets us apart from the pantyhose crowd for a mere pittance.  And, remember, vintage is “in,” and these new fashions in hosiery are leading the trend.  If you have vintage leanings…or just wish to project stylish femininity, these fashions are definitely worth exploring.

Spring is here…and that means out with the old, and in with the new!

Valentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day is around the corner…and wouldn’t you like to walk around ANY corner with legs that say, “Wanna be my Valentine?”  Watch the heads turn as you show your impeccable taste in hosiery.  Trasparenze has some luscious, sexy offerings for the season, and they’re bound to make both you AND your significant other feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day in style.

Anthea Stockings by Trasparenze

You can strut your stuff with confidence in these very sophisticated stockings by Trasparenze.  Notice that the seam down the back is offered in either black or red and that the embroidery is located in a place where only your most intimate friends will notice.  Perhaps your lover will buy you both colors?  Or perhaps you’ll feel tempted to purchase one of each as provocative gifts to your lover?  Anthea Stockings are truly a gift for everyone!

Strip Panty Garter Belt Pantyhose by Trasparenze

Trasparenze never fails to amaze me with its avant garde approach to hosiery.  Here is an excellent example of combining comfortable, functional form with a passion-inspiring design.  Watch your lover’s expression when he comes face to face with this ravishingly tantalizing pantyhose offered by Trasparenze.  Its appeal is obvious, if not transparent, and I can’t think of anything more your lover could wish to receive on Valentine’s Day (or night!).

Rosy Red and Black Thigh-Highs by Trasparenze

Well, hubba-hubba!  Can anyone find fault with these luscious thigh-highs?  They literally announce the approach of Valentine’s Day with their bold color contrasts.  Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” like legs fashionably swathed in black and red.  Your lover will be delightfully surprised when he runs his fingers up your thigh to discover the rosy-red lace at the top of your Trasparenze hosiery.  Valentine’s Day is all about surprises…and rosy-red ones are the best!

Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, and this is your chance to stand out from the crowd.  Whether you’re looking to bewitch the lover who has shared your pillow for most of your lifetime or wish to entice that elusive Mr. Right, we have some helpful suggestions for making this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.  Beautiful legs can be the key to a man’s heart.  Any man who says, “I’m not a leg man,” is either lying or has never seen these alluring hosiery fashions.  Go ahead—make him a liar!

Tiffany Patterned Thigh Highs by Fiore

Has your lover made reservations at that high-end restaurant you’ve been dying to try?  Grab that little black number out of the back of your closet—you know the one!—and delicately savor the feel of Tiffany Patterned Thigh-Highs by Fiore as you draw them all the way up your shapely legs.  Now, imagine meeting your lover’s eyes as he spots you from across the lobby…sitting at a reserved table holding a single rose.  You can see he notices the flower motif tastefully placed just above each ankle, and his eyes widen as you saunter across the room towards him.  The evening is perfect.  Happy Valentine’s Day from Fiore!

Winter Guide – How to Keep Legs Warm and Stay Stylish, Part II

Polar 800 Fleece Tights by Marilyn

Oh, my!  It’s so cold outside!  What to do?  The 911 response to this predicament is Polar 800 Fleece Tights by Marilyn.  Can you imagine anything warmer or more decadent than fleece-lined tights?  What makes these even more attractive is that they come in size XXL, so there’s no need to worry about the discomfort of too-small, too-tight stockings.  What’s the purpose of wearing warm stockings if they’re too tight and uncomfortable?  These tights are the answer to cold days and evenings when all you crave is comfort and warmth.  Treasure these tights—they won’t let you down.

Gennifer Merino Wool Tights by Trasparenze

Have you noticed that it’s a bit nippy outside?  Brrrr….makes me consider what I might wear to put an end to this damp chill nipping at my heels.  The answer to the brisk breeze blowing up my skirt might be Gennifer Merino Wool Tights by Trasparenze.  Not only are they made of quality merino wool, they come in a range of attractive colors to match your most fetching winter couture.  Not too flashy… not too demure… Trasparenze has created a warm, enticing line of merino wool tights that will make you feel comfy and cherished in the warmth of your own confidence.  Now, go ask for that raise!

Winter Guide – How to Keep Legs Warm and Stay Stylish, Part I

It’s snowing…it’s raining….but it doesn’t have to snow or rain on your parade.  Marilyn has solutions to the cold and damp weather of winter.  Over-the-knee socks and sweater leggings to the rescue!

Zazu Angora Blend Knit Over-the-Knee Socks by Marilyn — Oooo…These are Decadent!

Want to feel both pampered and youthfully alluring at the same time?  How do over-the-knee stockings with pom-poms strike you?  To me, they sound like the perfect accessory for my lover to admire as I cross my legs before a roaring fire….or like the perfect remedy to a cold virus when I still want to feel and look sexy….or like part of that youthful spirit hiding inside of me that wants to jump for joy when I catch a snowflake on my tongue.  These comfy, warm stockings will not only attract admiring glances—they will make you feel as though it’s only natural to pamper the little girl inside of you.

Peppy Over-the-Knee Footless Socks by Marilyn — So Versatile!

If you crave to feel the warmth of a pair of luxurious angora/wool blend socks all the way up above your knees and the urge to show off pom-poms and your pretty feet in open-toed shoes during the winter months, these socks will fulfill those wishes.  Why does winter make you feel as though you have to hide your pretty legs in boots?  These flirty socks by Marilyn allow you to stay warm while wearing open-toed shoes…or, alternatively, you can choose to layer them over patterned socks with the shoes or boots of your choice.  Be creative…be warm….and, by all means, be your stylish self!

Norwegian Leggings by Marilyn

I can think of few things as comforting and warm as hot coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, my kitty snuggling up contentedly beside me, or the feel of warm nordic jacquard sweater leggings on my crossed legs—legs that peek out from underneath a fashionable skirt or short, sporty pants—as I read an engaging novel.  These intriguing sweater leggings say a lot about the wearer, but don’t be surprised if perfect strangers inquire about your choice of leggings.  They’ll want to know where you bought them and if they feel as comfy as they look.  Available in both grey and bronze, you’ll want a pair in each color so that you’ll be able to wear them twice as often.  Go ahead—dare to be both comfy and trend-setting!

Style Bloggers in Our Tights

Time to put together some photos of style bloggers that were very kind to style our tights!

Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky, dresses in a very cute vintage style and will give you some very useful tips on thrift shopping! She has a very popular blog, so make sure you check it out.

Elizabeth wearing Fiore’s Roselin and Maribella tights.

Sharri of Bestpantyhosereview.com, runs a hosiery blog that is very popular among legwear fans.

Sharri is wearing Fiore’s Inga glossy tights in Jeans color.

Shannon of Shannon Hearts has a very elegant and classy style that many women will find inspiring. Check out her blog for gorgeous photos and giveaways.

Shannon is wearing Marilyn Nadia tights with a back-seam pattern.

If you styled our tights and have pictures of the outfit, feel free to share!